Saturday, May 25, 2024

So Foolish to Believe: Did a Budweiser Employee Pee in the Beer Tanks?

The fake news of a Budweiser Employee for peeing in the beer tanks for more than 10 years have gone viral since this morning. Without knowing the credibility of the source, the news has gained momentum on twitter.

There were possibilities that it holds true, but somehow no more entertainment left with the Twitterati’s and fake news portals as it has turned out to be a piece of fake news since it lacks credibility.

How can the news be trusted? Without the company has said a word on it or claiming it to be true. The only source for the claim is a website called Foolish Humour that churns out fake news for comedy purposes (similar to Faking News in India).

While everyone awaits the comment from Budweiser officials, here’s to what Twitter has to say. This has become the most sensational (trending) news on Twitter Today.

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