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Eric Yuan Reports 90-days Status and What’s Next for Zoom

During the first few months of 2020, the Zoom team worked around the clock to support the tremendous influx of new and different types of users on our platform. The sudden and increased demand on our systems was unlike anything most companies have ever experienced. As March came to a close, we realized that our singular mission to deliver frictionless video communications to hundreds of millions of daily meeting participants needed to include an equivalent focus on security and privacy – areas where we needed to do more. 

On April 1, 2020, we pledged to make a number of enhancements to address security and privacy. The 90-day program we rolled out that day refocused our company on 7 commitments that embedded security and privacy permanently in Zoom’s DNA. Today I will provide a status update on each of those commitments, as well as share our path forward. 

Commitment #1: Enact a feature freeze, effective April 1, and shift all our engineering resources to focus on our biggest trust, safety, and privacy issues.

Commitment #2: Conduct a comprehensive review with third-party experts and representative users to understand and ensure the security and privacy of all of our new use cases.

Commitment #3: Prepare a transparency report that details information related to requests for data, records, or content.

Commitment #4: Enhance our current bug bounty program.

Commitment #5: Launch a CISO council in partnership with leading CISOs from across the industry to facilitate an ongoing dialogue regarding security and privacy best practices.

Commitment #6: Engage a series of simultaneous white box penetration tests to further identify and address issues.

Commitment #7: Host a weekly webinar on Wednesdays to provide privacy and security updates to our community.

Where do we go from here

This period has brought about meaningful change at our company and made the safety, privacy, and security of our platform central to all we do, as we strive to be worthy of the trust customers place in us. I am proud of, and humbled by, the role Zoom has played in connecting the world in crisis, and in all that our team has accomplished in the past 90 days to better secure our platform. 

But we cannot and will not stop here. Privacy and security are ongoing priorities for Zoom, and this 90-day period – while fruitful – was just a first step. Throughout this report I have provided information on new processes and people that will help Zoom on our journey to becoming the most frictionless and secure video communications platform in the world.

Thank you to our users for your support, patience, and trust. Our core value as a company is to care, and we hope we have shown that through our actions over these past 90 days — and will continue to show it through future actions.

Download a PDF summary of the key updates

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