Sunday, May 19, 2024

Art of Sustainability: “Giving Waste a new lease of Handmade Products”

Vipasha Bhatnagar, a girl from Jaipur found a solution to Plastic Waste by converting the waste into DIY Handmade Products such as plastic glasses, ice cream sticks, jute, water bottles, small gifts, wall hangings, etc.

She experimented with plastic to develop 11 products from the waste collected by the people who were looking for recycling of their waste.

She calls it the “Art of Sustainability”. Which tends to overlook towards being green with the things which are of no use.

The initiative offers people a place where their Waste can be recycled with facilities such as free pick and drop service, which involves delivery boy, who collects the waste from the place and delivers a handmade product, with the same within 5 days.

To support the initiative, one can check her website:, where such products are available.

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