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WhatsApp: 7 settings changes to be safe

WhatsApp being the most popular messaging app in India.  which means unknown users also see  your profile photo, status and add you to random groups by just having your phone number. Here are some basic WhatsApp tips that one should  keep in mind to maintain  privacy and not reveal too much about yourself to unknown people.

Choose who can see your WhatsApp Status: Everybody, My Contacts and Nobody

WhatsApp users can choose to select which contacts can see their WhatsApp Status. The Status privacy feature can be accessed from the Settings section of the app; and here users can choose to show their Status to a particular contact list or limit it only to saved contacts. 

Choose who can add you to WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Group privacy settings give users the option to select who can add them to the groups. There are precisely three options where users can; either select to allow anyone to add them in the group or limit it to saved contacts or select a particular contact list.

You can also choose to hide ‘Last Seen’ from WhatsApp Settings

Last Seen privacy settings allows users to hide their last online time from others. Under the Settings, they can choose to completely hide their Last Seen or simply set it to My Contacts. 

Manage who can see your Profile Picture on WhatsApp

Just like other options; WhatsApp users also get the option to hide it completely or make it visible only to saved contacts.

About section on WhatsApp too has same privacy options: Everybody, My Contacts and Nobody

Under the About section, there are three options. Users can either choose to show it to everyone; completely hide it or choose to show it only to saved contacts.

You can also add biometric lock to prevent unauthorised access to WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp users on Android can set Fingerprint lock; while the latest iPhone users have the option to use Face ID or Touch ID in case of iPhones with the physical Home button.

Users can block certain contacts from sending messages or view their profile details on WhatsApp

WhatsApp users have the option to block a particular contact or phone number; to prevent receiving messages or from accessing your profile information. The option is available from both the Settings option as well as from the individual chats.

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