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Govt is developing five Task Forces to make Indian MSMEs fit for the future

The Top Government official said on Thursday that the government has created five task forces; to make India’s micro, medium, and small companies more future-oriented and to develop a concrete approach to making the country a leading exporter.

MSME Secretary A K Sharma expressed confidence in the implementation, by the beginning of next year, of the future-oriented initiatives.

“These five working groups would be operated over five key areas for one month; where we feel that the industries in the nation and in particular in MSME should go;” Sharma stated in a virtual meeting held at FICCI. “We have established five ministerial task forces headed by our key officers.

He also said one of the five areas identified was Industry 40 with the goal of making India a global leader; in Industries 4.0, including elements such as artificial intelligence, 3D, and virtual reality, and that task force was set up.

The second sector is the promotion and reduction in imports. It includes how to focus on the key production areas; how to improve our standards of quality, designs, and technologies, packaging. The first area is sharing details on other task forces.

The ultimate goal is to make India a global fabricating hub and a world leading exporter.

The third is how our existing cluster schemes are re-engineered vertically and horizontally; so they can provide support for grass-root, micro-level and high-end companies, said Sharma. The fourth task force will focus on the integration of our technology centers. The secretary said.

In addition to other plans relying on to design, IPR, and marketing, the fifth task force will examine interventions; to align different modernization schemes including zero defects and zero effects (ZED), LEAN (for competitive production).

We would be headed to take these futuristic initiatives by the beginning of next year, said the Secretary.

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