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Non-Teaching Varsity Employees Of Cotton University Stage Protest Against NEP.

Protest against NEP at university. On-school workers at Cotton University held a sit-in strike on Wednesday. The strike was in alliance with the national anti-Education Policy, as expected by the All India University Employee Confederation (AIUEC).

The charter of protest applications comprises the establishment, by the Pay Committee, of uniform pay-scale and conditions of service. It also included restoring labor laws that were in vogue before 2014 and providing work both in urban and rural areas in all organized and non-organized sectors.

The workers protested demanding unemployment is compensated for the workers who were finding jobs. They also want farmers to earn double income, along with waiving farming loans.

The protesters also asked to offer unemployment allowances to those who seek work, giving free compensation to these workers. It also included restoration of labor laws, which were modeled before 2014. A national protest to New National Education Policy 2020 was planned on Wednesday.

AIUEC General Secretary M.B. addresses a media conference on Monday. More than three lakh teacher-free staff from all universities across India will participate in the two-hour agitation. It doesn’t talk about education reservations. The education system will become sharply central, federalism and States ‘ rights will be weakened.

It will demolish public education and pave the way for wide-ranging privatization of education on the behalf of real philanthropic institutions, “said Mr Sajjan. When asked about the alternative educational model referred to in NEP 2020, Mr Sajjan said that the arrangement is intended to create room for unreasonable education , in particular, for the saffornization of education. This will distort history in order to rewrite it in line with its venomous and divisive philosophy, “he said.

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