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Mangaldeep agarbatti brand performs “Loka Kshema Puja” for the welfare & wellbeing of all

Mangaldeep has initiated the devotional ‘Loka Kshema Puja’ across the country enabling devotees to pray for the prosperity of the nation. As part of the initiative, Mangaldeep has spearheaded a series of pujas pan India spanning the ensuing festive season. These pujas will be performed by a total of 200 plus priests through a mass chanting of mantras across the 7 cities of Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi, and Mathura. Mangaldeep will conduct these pujas in a grand manner on-ground and live stream them on its social media (Facebook) page so that devotees can view and participate from the comfort of their homes.

Mangaldeep plans the first puja ‘Mrityunjaya Homa’ at the Punya Bhumi of Varanasi on 21st October to pray for the elimination of negativity and invigorate everyone with energy and positivity for the restoration of health and energy. This involves performing of rituals and chanting of mantras by 25 priests for over 4 hours following all the social distancing norms. The puja can be viewed on Mangaldeep’s Facebook page.

This will be followed by ‘Chandi Homam’ in Bangalore on 25th October which will be performed by 25 priests simultaneously for the protection from obstacles and sufferings and a blessing for a happy life.

Other pujas that are planned as part of the initiative across different regions of the country include:

  • ‘Maha Sudharshana Homa’ by 30 priests in Chennai on 31st October to pray for positivity and to alleviate worry & anxiety
  • ‘Durga Homam’ by 30 priests in Kolkata on 8th November to attract blessings for the prevention of affliction and guard mankind
  • ‘Lakshmi Puja & Vishnu Sahasranama’ by 25 priests in Mathura as Diwali special puja on 14th  November & to gain spiritual strength & energy and to pray for the eradication of ill – health & everyone’s wellbeing.
  • ‘Danvantri Homa’ with 30 priests in Mumbai on 21th November to pray for a long life & good health
  • ‘Rudra’ Homa by 30 priests in Delhi on 29th November to pray for rejuvenation & revival from illnesses

The large-scale puja event is an evocative manifestation of Mangaldeep’s enduring commitment to become the most loved enabler and partner in the pursuit of devotion for every individual and family. In these trying times, when worry & anxiety have been prominent amongst many households, spreading positivity and helping devotees to participate in peace inducing rituals underscores the brand’s purpose to be a “Pathfinder” in one’s devotional journey helping people attain a sense of hope and optimism through prayers.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Ravi Rayavaram, Chief Executive, Agarbatti & Safety Matches Business, ITC Limited, said, “In a country like India, devotion is the very essence of existence & people turn to prayers to seek positivity and answers during uncertainty. Mangaldeep has been a trusted & loved brand in the devotional space across the country. The theme of ‘Loka Shema’ and the concept of ‘Prayer for the Nation’ is spiritual, inclusive and captures the power of a selfless prayer in line with Mangaldeep’s core values of being Simple, Accessible, Authentic & Collaborative while promoting Hope & Strength in every person & family.”

Mangaldeep has partnered with Harivara Pooja Services, India’s largest online pooja booking portal, for this initiative.

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