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14 IIT-G Ph.D. students chosen for the study scheme of the PM

The scheme of the Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF); consists of a batch of 14 researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IIT-G). All 14 doctoral students have been chosen via the lateral entry channel in interdisciplinary programs.

The group of students selected for the IIT-G program is; Neelarnab Dutta, Rupresha Deb, Jegyasu, Rajnandan Das, Samik Mitra, Sampreet Kalita, Subhankar Biswas, Tripti Paul, Tripti Akasapu, Souradeep Dey.

“This government initiative in India would appeal to the country’s best talent for high-end IIT-G science. That will also realize the Prime Minister’s vision for growth and self-support through the innovation of high-end multidisciplinary technology. We are prepared to help the selected PMRF recipients reach their full potential, and guide them; in achieving their long-term career goals and helping the country develop, “said Prof. TG Sitharam, IIT-G Director.

Every boy is entitled to a monthly RS 70,000 fellowship in the first two years, RS75,000 in the third year; and Rs80,000 in the fourth and fifth years according to the PMRF scheme. Per fellow will also be entitled to receive an Rs2 lakh research grant per year; (a total of Rs10 lakhs per year over 5 years).

“Every fellow will be provided with annual deliverables after selection. The outcomes are determined by the teacher assigned. The findings will be planned in view of the research subject chosen by the researchers; and will possibly also be reviewed annually for the success of their research goals, “reported a publication from IIT-G.

In the 2018-2019 budget the PMRF framework was announced and is designed to enhance the research quality; and to provide unique opportunities for research at different educational institutions across the world.

This system is operated by the Ministry of Education of the Union and is intended to promote the development of scientists and engineers in the country. In order to facilitate sideways entry and change the minimum amount needed to be eligible for the scholarship; the Center has updated the PMRF system.

The minimum threshold for the GATE (Graduate Account Examination in Engineering) was reduced from 750 to 650 in compliance with the revised regulations. Besides direct entry; a lateral entry allowing continuing PhD students who have already enrolled 12 and 24 months to use this fellowship has also been given.

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