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Nuvoco offers complete 360-degree concrete solutions for IHB Segment

Everyone aspires to have their dream abode but to build a strong and durable home you need quality building materials. To help construct your dream home, Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. (Nuvoco) a leading building materials company, presents a range of innovative concrete products to cater to the various stages of house construction. The latest offering in this space is ‘Concreto Ecodure’ – a green concrete for durable foundations – launched through a virtual programme. Concreto Ecodure provides a strong foundation by controlling thermal cracks in mass concrete foundation and offering improved durability. The product has been designed and developed at Nuvoco’s Construction Development and Innovation Centre (CDIC).  

A durable and beautiful home starts with a solid foundation. Foundation is one of the most significant elements that transmit the load of the structure to the ground. Foundations are vulnerable to the presence of subsoil water, sulphates, chlorides, and other harmful chemicals. Salts present in the soil ingress into concrete corroding the reinforcement and reducing the durability of the structure.

Concreto Ecodure addresses these challenges ensuring a very cohesive and uniform mix by providing durable and impervious concrete for all types of substructure and foundations. Concreto Ecodure is produced with high strength cement, pozzolanic materials, specialized admixture, and by carefully proportioning all concrete ingredients, which is effective in reducing the permeability of concrete thereby preventing chloride and sulphate ion attack on reinforcements.

After foundation come the column, staircases, repair, and interior work, and for this Nuvoco has InstaMix range of concrete – a pre-mixed and wet ready-to-use concrete in 35 kg bags. A perfect mix of durability and efficiency; Instamix is packed with Force Five Advantages namely easy to order; faster construction, consistent quality, minimal wastage and easy to use.

Last but not least are the Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) slabs and beams of the house. Often Individual Home Builder (IHB) faces the problem of micro-cracks on the concrete structure and seepage of water leading to fungus and algae formation at surface level, resulting in health hazards. To tackle this problem Nuvoco has “Concreto Permadure” which ensures dense and durable concrete structure by providing resistance against water seepage and micro-cracks like plastic shrinkage. This innovative solution is made with careful proportioning of all concrete ingredients along with specified integral waterproofing compound and engineered fibers, with extended service life. Sharing his views during the online product launch, Mr. Pranav Desai, Vice President R&D and Head CDIC, said, “Nuvoco is a pioneer in advanced concrete technology solutions and has proven its leadership by launching innovative Readymix products addressing the various stages of house constructions in India and Concreto Ecodure is another step towards that direction. With this product, we address the foundation problems of any structure by providing superior performance concrete in aggressive environments. With the launch of Concreto Ecodure, we now have a complete 360 degree offering for IHB’s thus giving them the comfort and guarantee of their dream home

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