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Teachers adopting online tutoring witness 400% average growth in their teaching practice: Teachmint

Teachmint, India’s leading EdTech company focused on India relevant digital tutoring solutions, today revealed that teachers who have made a switch to online tutoring from the conventional physical classroom set-up have witnessed an average 4x growth in their teaching business in 8 weeks of signing up. This data is based on the analysis of the spike in the number of student enrollments observed among active teachers on the platform.

There are 2.5 lakh teachers who have signed up on Teachmint till date and this number is growing by more than 50,000 new registrations every month. Through this period of growth, the trend of tutors on the platform scaling their practice has stayed its course even after the pandemic induced lockdown had started to wind down over the last two months. Individual teacher growth stories range from a 200% growth to 1000% growth in student enrollments, with some teachers now adding as many as 1600 students to their classrooms, clearly underscoring the value educators can derive by switching over to digital platforms.

A deeper analysis of factors driving this growth has thrown up a few major reasons for the switch. The first of which is the fact that teachers are now easily able to digitize their entire teaching businesses including content delivery, student engagement and administrative workflows.

A digital presence also means that tutors are now able to take their classroom to any corner of the world and are no longer inhibited by their own geographical location. Another reason for this unprecedented growth can be attributed to the fact that digital classrooms create time and resource efficiency like never before, allowing tutors to cater to a significantly larger number of students.

An interesting byproduct of achieving such scale is that tutors, who are now also armed with a powerful set of online tools, can create imaginative and tailored teaching methodologies for their students, thereby providing a more immersive learning experience. All these aforementioned factors have thus resulted in a new generation of tech savvy tutors unafraid of leveraging the positive buzz from within their own social networks, enabling to add students to their classrooms at an unprecedented rate.

Mihir Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Teachmint said, “Face to face tutor lead teaching is the mainstay of the Indian education sector, making a strong case for digitization of tutor services as opposed to content based self-learning models. However, this form of teaching is traditionally cost-heavy and is difficult to scale. Digitization has dissolved boundaries and unlocked opportunities for teachers to scale beyond physical & geographical limits without any capital investment. Today, teachers on Teachmint are seamlessly teaching a greater number of students from neighboring cities and imparting a superior learning environment and experience.”

“Now, teachers can focus on their specialty and subject expertise to address a much larger student segment more efficiently and at much lower cost per student”, he added.

Exemplifying the benefit of scale that can be achieved through digital teaching is Ajay Gupta, a Delhi based tutor who prepares students for CA examinations. Mr. Gupta has been able to expand his student base from 3 to 50 students within a month of subscribing to Teachmint. Sharing his experience Mr. Gupta said, “I am really fortunate to be a part of Teachmint. It is simple, easy to use and extremely user friendly. Once I adopted digitization my students started to spread the word among their networks and I now have students from as far as Jammu all the way to Chennai. It is amazing that I was able to bring on-board all these new students within the first month itself. The operational challenges of attendance, tests etc. are managed easily on the app which helps teachers focus more on the content than the management.”

Udit Narayan Sahu, who runs an English class on the Teachmint app, is yet another success story of grassroot digitization. A teacher who had been running a physical institute in the Janjgir-Champa district of Chattisgarh for about 4 years, Mr. Sahu lost almost all his students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He joined the Teachmint app in early December. “This is my first experience teaching online and I have found it to be easier than expected. In my two weeks on the app, I have been able to reach out to add 37 new students to my classroom from surrounding areas.  In the beginning I thought this will be how I tide over till things are back to normal. Now I have realised that I would probably never want to teach offline full-time again.”

It is no secret that the ongoing global public health crisis has fast-forwarded the adoption of online learning solution. Students, teachers and even parents have adjusted to the new normal of online education enabled by brands like Teachmint who enable tutors with the tools to run their classes in a manner that enhances the learning experience and allows them to customize their unique method of imparting education. As per teachers’ feedback, the best part of Teachmint is how easy it is to use. The platform also helps them create a real-life classroom experience digitally with various tools to choose for conducting classes, and most importantly ability to have uninterrupted and clear classes even in low network/bandwidth areas. 

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