Monday, May 20, 2024

83.5% of NIIT University parents feel that a residential institution offers greater safety!

In a first of its kind survey done by NIIT University (NU), parents of the students have given a unanimous thumbs up to re-opening the University.

The survey was administered to all parents of students currently studying at NIIT University (NU). The questionnaire, mailed to parents, elicited close to 250 responses.

Other key feedback received included the following:

  • 89.1% of parents felt that the University should use access cards instead of allowing thumbprint access
  • 35.1% felt that the washroom areas should be sanitized at least 5 times a day; 31.7% felt that the University should sanitize these areas more than 5 times a day
  • A majority of the parents (55%) felt that the University should not issue out passes for students till the situation is completely safe. They also felt that members of the faculty and staff should also be restricted from moving in and out of campus
  • 92.3% of the parents felt that the University should, in addition to asking for a valid COVID 19 negative test while entering, conduct an additional COVID negative test after a few days after students had come into campus
  • A clear majority of parents (68.1%) also felt that entry by a student into another student’s room should be prohibited in the interest of social distancing

Other feedback received included the following:

  • The University should offer multiple food choices, and not allow outside food to be ordered in
  • Seating for the students in the cafeteria and in the classrooms should be fixed
  • Sports activities could be started once students are back and after passage of time, provided no cases are discovered

It may be noted that NU had already decided on the above measures and there was a detailed COVID related safety protocol already in place, including a film which is hosted on the NU website.

The question of re-opening of residential educational institutions is one where the state governments have to do an audit to gauge the safety standards put into place by the institution.

The Govt of Rajasthan has conducted this audit and the University is expected to open shortly, with students returning in a phased manner.

This research was specifically conducted among parents to ensure that the safety protocols being implemented at the University meet parents’ expectations and to take any additional steps required to ensure that the parents and students are fully satisfied vis-à-vis their safety on Campus.

Admissions for the next year’s academic cycle are already open for all the courses being offered.

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