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Rajasthan born Michelin Plate Winner Chef Dayashankar Sharma shares easy and quirky Valentine’s Day Special Recipes

This Valentine ’s Day stay in and cook up something that is going to tantalize our loved ones. Cooking for the people you cherish is therapeutic, the plate you dish up will not only comprise of food but also will comprise of the sheer love and warmth.  And to make it more wonderful, cook together and make a memory that will never fade, and have experience money can’t buy. 

Recipes by Michelin Plate Winner Chef Dayashankar Sharma

 Yoghurt800 Grams 
Ripe Kathal peeled, deseeded, and choppedRipe Kathal200 Grams 
Chopped edible roseRose Petals1 flower 
 Rose Water1 tsp 
 Sugar75 Grams 
 Gulkand20 Grams 
 Rose Syrup30 grams 


  • Peel clean de-seed Ripe Kathal and chop.
  • Make a fine Puree of Chopped Kathal.
  • Wash clean Rose petals and chop.
  • Hang yoghurt for 2 hours.

Step Two 

  • In a bowl Take hung yoghurt.
  • Add chopped rose leaves, pureed Kathal and mix well.
  • Now add sugar, rose syrup, rose water, and mix well.
  • Keep in fridge for 1 hours.
  • Now remove the mixture from fridge and transfer Srikhand in clay pots garnish with Gulkand and rose petals.

Fig and Cardamom Christmas Pudding


Eggs 5

Full cream Milk  1 and ½ litres

Almonds 40gms

Nutmeg a pinch

Sugar 300gms

Cardamom Powder half tea poon

Condensed Milk 100ml

Fig (anjeer) 50hms

Vanilla essence ½ teaspoon


  • In a pan hot milk till boiling.
  • Add sugar, condensed milk, and chopped fig till completely dissolve
  • Simmer for another 15/20 minutes till the milk gets thicker, remove from fire and keep aside.
  • Mix egg cardamom powder grated nutmeg vanilla essence and add this mixture slowly to milk at room temperature and mix well.
  • Pour the mixture into a greased baking pan, bake at 200-210 for 50 minutes in a preheated oven.
  • Garnish with sliced almonds and let it chill.
  • Can eat hot as well.

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