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Sonali Kulkarni to host Crime Patrol Satark: Justice Reloaded, starting 5th April on Sony Entertainment Television

Actor Sonali Kulkarni, who has many Hindi and Marathi noteworthy films to her credit, is now set to host a unique series of Crime Patrol Satark. Titled Justice Reloaded, this new edition of the show will present a comprehensive and dramatized account of heinous crimes that remained unsolved due to various challenges and are approached with a fresh perspective for final closure.

As a host, Sonali Kulkarni will be reiterating the warning signs and the much-required shift in the thought process through the episodes; that is not just difficult but also thought-provoking. She will also be seen raising awareness about the importance of filing a case against any crime.

On her new role, Sonali Kulkarni shares, “I’ve just started working with the “Crime Patrol” team. They are simply fabulous. A performer gets a high by working with such a spirited and perfectionist team.

For me, “Crime Patrol” is like a torchlight, which is trying to make us aware, and I would like to be that torchbearer for the team by making people ‘stark (alert) to be responsible for what we do, instead of falling into traps. Let us be wise and responsible.”

Adding on to it she shares, I have watched Anup’s work since then, and what he does always generates curiosity – whether it is a series or a TV show.

So, “Crime Patrol” and Anup have a strong association for me, and the kind of trust and compassion that he has evoked in people’s heart, is something very special for me. I feel proud of him as a friend and as an actor.

As far as taking up this season of “Crime Patrol” is concerned, it is like taking the baton forward from Anup, and I hope that I make him proud. The opportunity came through Rakesh Sarang, and I am so happy that he thought of me as an anchor.

Tune in to Crime Patrol Satark: Justice Reloaded starting 5th April at 11:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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