Saturday, December 2, 2023

Saras-3D launches Genius 3D Learning, India’s first stereoscopic 3D technology

Saras-3D, Inc, a dynamic start-up comprising of technology innovators and educators that is harnessing the power of stereoscopic 3D technology to elevate and transform the learning experience, today announced the launch of its patent-pending, innovative learning solution, Genius 3D Learning. The solution is NCERT based and aligned to CBSE and ICSE boards. It is available for classes 10th to 12th and is designed to give students the edge they need for JEE/NEET.

Commenting on the launch, Bipin Dama, Founder & CEO, Saras-3D, Inc said, “Genius 3D Learning is the product of years of research and development on creating a learning solution that lays the right foundation for learning and acquisition of knowledge to shape the students of today into the STEM innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow, empowering them to compete and succeed globally. It democratizes high-quality education, making it available to all and is designed to empower the curious and ambitious minds of today.”

Designed and developed by Saras-3D, Inc, Genius 3D Learning has been customized for the Indian market. It features real life-like 3D models and simulations and includes video lectures in 3D presented by subject matter experts and reviewed by alumni from the world’s leading universities.

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