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Tanushree Jain is Empowering Rural Artisans with Her Enterprise Nushaura

Jaipur, 10 May: Tanushree Jain who was a part of Project Her&Now entrepreneurship support program in Rajasthan in 2020, is also a first-generation entrepreneur and the Founder & Director at NUSHAURA.

Nushaura is a for-profit social enterprise that works along with rural and tribal women across various remote villages in Rajasthan and curates sustainable, healthy, and handmade products in order to maintain the well-being of consumers and Mother Earth.

From initially working along with only 4-5 artisans, Nushaura has come a long way, and today it has collaborated with over 105 rural women artisans from 7 villages in Rajasthan.

At Nushaura, what’s unique is that the artisans are considered as equal shareholders in the company, in order to bring an increased sense of responsibility and efficiency. The income generated through the business pays for better food, education and healthcare for these artisans and their family members.

Speaking of the many challenges faced in her entrepreneurial journey, Tanushree Jain, Founder, Nushaura says, In a state like Rajasthan where there is widespread patriarchy and women are mostly not allowed to move out of their homes, it was not easy to help these women earn a living based on their own skills and talents. But despite these challenges and problems, I was not ready to give up and kept persisting and hustling to realize my dreams.”

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