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Häfele’s introduces a range of flap fittings

Wall cabinets are an effective solution to utilize wall space and create storage units at the same time. To get functionally sound and conveniently operated cabinets, Häfele has a range of Flap Fittings with each fitting catering to different applications. This range imparts fluid movement, convenient functionality and elegance to your furniture. It consists of Lift Up systems for upward moving shutters and Drop down Systems for downward opening shutters.

Häfele’s range of flap fittings offer you products catering to your specific needs; Lift Up Systems like Kraby Friction that let you control the cabinet shutter opening as per your requirement, Drop Down Sytems like the gas spring enabled K12 for a fluid downward shutter movement or wire link enabled Kiaro for a minimal design and smooth functionality.  

Kraby Friction Lift up System: Embedded with friction technology, the Kraby system lets you open, stop and place the cabinet shutter at an angle of your choice instead of completely opening it. The automatic closing completely shuts the door after it reaches a certain position. Kraby Friction Lift Up can be installed with shutters of different weights and dimensions and is compatible with aluminium framed glass and solid wooden shutters.

K12 Drop Down System: With a universal “zero” Newton strength to suit any door dimension and weight, K12 System ensures a smooth and continuous movement of the door up to its maximum opening. K12 System is an easy-to-install solution that makes additional screws unnecessary, improving the aesthetic and reducing assembling time.

Kiaro: Kiaro is a concealed opening system for drop-down shutters with adjustable settings for different door weights and dimensions, thus enabling to management of a wide range of doors with only one product. The entire mechanism is hidden except for the high resistance wire that possesses significant load capacity while granting minimalism and elegance to the furniture.

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