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California Pistachios: A healthier choice

Humans are sensory beings, who make sense of the chaotic world around them, through smell, sound, sight, taste, and touch. One of the gifts that our relative cranial superiority has given us, is the ability to enjoy complex flavours. With a cornucopia of food items easily available, replete with a dizzying array of flavours, we are spoilt for choice, when it comes to culinary options. Some food choices however are healthier than others, especially whilst snacking. We, more often than not, end up munching on foods that might affect our health adversely in the long run. This is ever more relevant for people aged 35 and above, who might indulge in unhealthy snacks due to paucity of time and even lack of awareness. Snacking is by no means a bad habit. In fact, having a snack that can bridge the hunger between meals actually prevents us from overindulging during mealtimes. These snacks, however, have to be nutritious
and fulfilling.

California Pistachios are a smart choice for Indians looking for a healthier snack option. About 7.7 crore adults currently suffer from diabetes in India, with the number poised to double to 13.4 crores by 2045. One of the chief drivers of this disease in India is food habits, with the other being lack of exercise. Middle-aged women are particularly susceptible to this disease. Most mothers fall in this age group. Choosing California Pistachios as a snack of choice is a great alternative to snacks high in added sugars and saturated fat, as they offer the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Nuts have already been deemed to be “diabetes superfood,” according to the American Diabetes Association. California Pistachios, in particular, contain six grams of protein per 28g. serving and are a good source of fibre. They are also a source of minerals, such as magnesium. California Pistachios are a great snack of choice
for mothers. We are also witnessing a shift towards healthy, plant-based and vegan food options, which has led to a rise in Pistachios becoming a common snack of choice.

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