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Duroflex signs up Alia Bhatt as their first National Ambassador

Duroflex, India’s leading sleep solutions company has signed up one of India’s most
admired youth icons, Alia Bhatt, as their first National Ambassador. The aim behind choosing Alia is the ‘Millennial’ factor and her association with the new generation. Sharing similar sentiments on building a sustainable world, Alia Bhatt was the right choice.

As an actor, Alia Bhatt is known to be vocal on current issues. She exudes a no-compromise attitude and interact with her fans openly and honestly. Building a sustainable future is a topic very close to Alia, she believes in living sustainably and consuming everything ‘organic’. This is evident in her interactions on social platforms. Alia’s ethical and transparent persona syncs well with Duroflex as it matches the modern decision maker, thus making her a like-minded ambassador for the company.

Commenting on the collaboration, a Smita Murarka, CMO, Duroflex said: “The choice of sleep accessories is male-dominated. Today with the millennial generation, things are changing. Women are being more vocal in their decisions and choices. These characteristics resonated well with Alia Bhatt and our brand. Alia is known to lead a very healthy lifestyle which is one of the reasons for collaborating with her. Quite a lot of her qualities are a perfect blend with our brand hence she was a perfect choice.”

In today’s stress-filled environment, sleep is becoming a luxury. Duroflex encourages its consumers to have a good night’s sleep of a minimum of 7-8 hours which is essential for overall good health. Alia too believes in ‘sleep for the soul’, resulting in a healthy mind and body are her fitness mantras.

Commenting on her association with Duroflex, Alia Bhatt says: “Being an actor, my erratic schedules make it difficult to ensure a good night’s rest. However, I ensure I sleep well which is very essential. Duroflex as a brand is known for its durable, long-lasting, and sustainable products. In my view, Duroflex has always advocated the importance of sleep ensuring individuals keep ‘sleep’ as a priority in their life, I strongly support this view as sleep is the superpower that supercharges me for free. I now use it to build and follow a healthy lifestyle. Together, our common objective is to build a sustainable society so that we all sleep better.”

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