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Mr Shrivats Singhania, as the Executive Director of Udaipur Cement Works Limited, has been instrumental in ensuring that this wholly-owned subsidiary of cement major JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. is not only recognised as an integral part and a shining star of the JK Organisation but also as a major stakeholder and cornerstone of Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s vision of a self-reliant India boasting a self-sustaining,
technologically advanced, environmentally-conscious and financially vibrant industrial sector. So significant has been the work and dedicated efforts put in by Mr Shrivats Singhania and so inspiring has been his leadership of UCWL that he has been rightly acknowledged by the prestigious Forbes India magazine as the torchbearer of the nation’s ambitious ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign. The July 2021 issue of the Forbes India magazine has Mr Shrivats Singhania adorning its cover, with the 37 years old business tycoon sharing the space with doyens of Indian industry, reaffirming his position as one of the brightest young business leaders of India who are truly promoting the ‘Vocal for Local’ vision. This is a significant achievement and one that underlines his growing reputation within the JK Organisation as well as in the wider industry circles as a leader of today and icon of tomorrow.

As a forward thinking leader, Mr Shrivats Singhania has ensured that UCWL is always
looking to upgrade its offerings to ensure that they are better for the consumers, the
environment and for nation’s infrastructural growth. It is with this vision that UCWL made waves in the cement industry with the launch of its brand, Platinum Heavy Duty Cement, which has captured the cement market in no time. The Platinum Heavy Duty Cement has features that ensure enhanced and unmatched durability of structures by protecting reinforced bars from rusting for longer duration. Not stopping here, UCWL drew from the limitless energy and endless zeal of its leader, Mr Shrivats Singhania, to come out with its new offering, the Platinum Supremo Cement in the premium category which has quickly become the preferred choice of discerning customers within no time.

Mr Shrivats Singhania is very clear on how he wants UCWL to operate. Under his
leadership, UCWL will continue to significantly invest funds, time and resources in boosting sustainability. Adoption of the latest state-of-the-art technologies, resource efficient equipment and various in-house innovations to reduce carbon footprints will always remain in focus. Another area of prime focus for him is the company’s commitment to CSR under which UCWL is addressing the education, skill development and healthcare needs as well as women empowerment and girl child safety & education in the villages around its manufacturing unit.

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