Monday, May 20, 2024

Libas Consumer Products Ltd Signs Contract with Govt of India owned Hindustan Salts Ltd

NSE listed Libas Consumer Products Ltd has Signed an Exclusive Contract with Jaipur based, Government of India Enterprise, Hindustan Salts Ltd, a  company that exclusively produces fresh rainwater salt in Sambhar lake in Rajasthan. Sambhar salt is the only salt in India with a high PH of 9 to 11, Low hardness, naturally iodized and blessed with 84 rare minerals used as medicine against corona and acidity.

Kala Namak made from Sambhar salt is the best natural laxative and has numerous therapeutic values. The company also claims that its salt is anti- cancerous and enhances the functioning of the nervous system.

Sambhar Salt Ltd, a  GOI  Enterprise has authorised Libas to put a sticker of ph 11 depicting anti corona and anti acidity, the only natural and organic salt prepared in open sunlight in the 90 sq miles pans of Hindustan Salts in Rajasthan. The contract is for 50,000 MT.

Libas Consumer is supplying imported rock salt and selling through its marketing network. Libas Consumer is the biggest supplier of a high-Quality grade of rock salt to Tata Salt.

Libas Consumer has the Biggest-selling network in India with All India wholesale traders as their clientele. In this Covid phase, Rocksalt is selling like hot cake due to the immunity booster Factor.

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