Thursday, May 23, 2024

Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd held guilty ofViolators must be dealt with firmly–Deepak Shah (CMD Sulphur Mills Ltd)

Ahmedabad based Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd has been banned from production, distribution and sale of their fertiliser – SUFFAR 90 which is found to be an unlicensed formulation of a patent owned by Sulphur Mills Limited (SML). The Delhi High Court by its recent order has restrained the manufacturer Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd from production, stocking and sale of patented formulation of Sulphur Mills Ltd. The Delhi High Court order has also restrained retailers, dealers and distributors from stocking and selling SUFFAR 90 with immediate effect. SML plans to actively pursue Patent law violations and initiate recoveries against retailers and dealers found selling Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd’s unlicensed and unauthorised products.

In response to a question Deepak Shah CMD-SML said “The Delhi High Court has also
deputed its representative to inspect records of Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd and report thecurrent stock and the total quantity sold over the past 3 years across the country. We estimate that Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd has sold unlicensed formulation of a value ofmore than 115 Crore rupees thereby causing a loss of Rs.50 Crores to SML.”

Sulphur Mills Limited (SML) offers– FERTIS WG a fertiliser that converts sulphur into
sulphate for rapid uptake by plants which increases crop yield by 5% to 30%. This Novel Agricultural product has been filed for grant of Patent in 2007 (Indian Patent –
IN282429) enabling the company to enjoy a 20 year monopoly to recoup its vast
investment in research and development of this product. Today more than 7 Indian
manufacturers are licensed by SML to produce and sell this innovation at affordable costs to farmers growing rice, wheat, sunflower, maize, groundnut, soya bean, banana, grapes and mangoes amongst others.

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