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Latest ‘All-inside Arthroscopy Technique’ surgery started for knee ligaments

Ligament injury can ruin the sports career of any athlete. Often Arthroscopy surgery is the only medical method for such ligament injuries that bring the sportspersons back into sports.

Arthroscopic Ligament Reconstruction is the successful surgery technique for ligament injuries. After this operation, the sportsperson can resume their daily routine, but around 40-60% sportspersons after returning back to sports do not reach the level they were before the injury.

Dr Aasheesh K Sharma, Director, Orthopaedic Department, CK Birla Hospital, Jaipur recently started ‘All-inside Arthroscopic A.C.L. Surgery’ and succeeded in curing sports injury of ligaments of two sportspersons.

All-inside Arthroscopic A.C.L ligament reconstruction is a new surgery that has been found more successful in returning the sportspersons to their pre-injury level.

There is no requirement of making long bone tunnels In ‘All-inside’ technique like in traditional method and only one tendon is used, which hardly causes any pain.  The power in the hamstring muscles of the leg does not reduce due to single-tendon technique – due to which sportspersons do not feel the loss of strength in push-off or take-off in jumping and starting of race respectively.

In this method, the pain is also less, recovery is faster and the return to the sports is also better. Besides this, if any revision surgery is required in future then the bone stock is intact and it is easily possible.

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