Thursday, May 23, 2024

Advantage Easy Trip Planners Ltd as travel picks up

Easy Trip Planners Ltd (EMT), the second largest travel portal in India, is all set to growth in the coming quarters with the revival of travel sector as well as hospitality sector. As per industry reports, air-ticket market is roughly Rs 80,000 Cr industry, which itself is poised to grow at 15% per annum for the next 4-5 years, as various new-airports are opening. Furthermore, online travel market in India is expected to double over the next five years to reach US$31 bn FY25, growing at 14% CAGR from FY20 levels. EMT will be one of the significant beneficiaries of post covid revival in the country.

Even the stock market has been buoyant and has witnessed an strong upward trend overall. In the last two years, the Indian stock market has seen a large of technology driven companies getting listed on the indices. EMT was one of those companies which was listed in the this phase, and the stock has received positive traction too.

EMT is one of the very few eComm portals in the world, who bootstrapped itself all the way till IPO. As per the management report, in the last 13 years of existence, EMT never raised capital from any external source. The company kept on growing market-share via profits and internal accruals. Prior to listing, in its entire existence the company has been profitable year-on-year basis.

EMT’s competitor IXIGO’s IPO is due in the coming days. An interesting point to be noted is that IXIGO net profit of Rs 2.5 cr for full year while EMT profits for the same
duration was Rs 84 cr. However, IXIGO has already got a pre IPO placement at Rs 6000 cr valuation, now looking to make listing of  Rs 7400 cr. Apart from this, the markets have witnessed the likes of Paytm, Zomato, Policy Bazaar etc although have registered losses but still getting valuation. So with a strong consistent performance EMT is stands out and the industry ques indicate that the market is on course of revival thus opening avenues for EMT and its peers to ride the upward momentum.

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