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The youngest patient in Gujarat, a 15-year-old, undergoes Heart Transplant at CIMS Hospital

A 15-year-old from Junagadh has undergone successful heart transplant surgery at CIMS Multi Super Specialty Hospital in Ahmedabad, becoming the youngest person in Gujarat to receive a heart transplant. This is the 18 th Heart Transplant to be performed at CIMS Multi Super Specialty Hospital.

The transplanted heart belonged to 14-year-old Surat resident DharmikKakadiya,
whose family donated his heart and other organs after being declared brain dead. We are very sorry for their loss, but would like to thank the family for contributing to such a noble cause for saving lives.

Recipient Mohit, who studies in class 11, was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease that makes it harder for the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body for the past two years. He waited for nine months for a heart transplant and underwent the heart transplant surgery on October 30 th at CIMS Multi Super Specialty Hospital, Ahmedabad.

“Mohit is the youngest patient in Gujarat to have received a heart transplant and is
stable at present. It is always difficult to get the right match heart for a paediatricm patient, as the size of the body and heart has to match. Luckily, Mohit was able to get an exact match heart,” said Dr. Dhiren Shah, Director and Chief of cardiothoracic and heart transplant department at CIMS Multi Super Specialty Hospital, who led the surgery.

Moreover, Mohit comes from a financially weak family, and funds for the operation were raised by crowdfundingalong with CIMS Multi Super Specialty Hospital.

The heart transplant procedure was completed in three hours and 45 minutes, which included one-and-a-half hours to transport the heart from Surat to Ahmedabad via a chartered flight.

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