Thursday, May 23, 2024

Abbott Announces Collaborations, Reinforces its Commitment Towards Access to Holistic Diabetes Care

Abbott, the global healthcare leader, announced new collaborations with key health-tech partners BeatO,, PharmEasy, GOQii, 1MG, Zyla Health, Healthifyme and Fitterfly to usher a new era of holistic diabetes management care. Through these collaborations, Abbott aims to offer glucose monitoring solutions to 8 million people living with diabetes, of which approximately 6.5mn users can access through Pharm Easy and 1MG. The company is focused on maintaining effective glucose level along with remote consultations, diabetes-specific coaching, and dietary plans.

India has the second-highest diabetes population in the world. Recent studies show that healthcare for non-communicable diseases has been interrupted in India, with up to 87% of people with diabetes reducing visits to their doctor due to the pandemic, and less than half possessing a blood glucose measuring device at home. For adults with type 2 diabetes on intensive insulin, studies showed average HbA1c drop from 8.9% to 8% with at least three months of using sensor-based devices, which continuously monitored glucose. 1 Through these collaborations, Abbott endeavors to enable personalized lifestyle and therapy interventions, so people with diabetes can achieve holistic glucose management goals.

Kalyan Sattaru, General Manager of the diabetes care business at Abbott, said, “Continued research and strategic partnerships have simplified and strengthened diabetes management over the years. New diabetes technology has paved the way for precise and informed decision making. Connecting our partner brands’ products with the Free Style Libre portfolio will enable users to capture their glucose data easily as part of an integrated system.”

Gautam Chopra, Co-founder & CEO, BeatO commented, “Leveraging Abbott’s
Free Style Libre with BeatO’s app ecosystem will give our users precise data, along with actionable insights to effectively manage and control blood glucose levels. We are continuously striving to make diabetes management more effective and convenient for our members and this program is a step in the same direction.”

Addition of Abbott’s Free Style Libre to BeatO’s current offerings prompts diabetes educators and nutritionists to provide more patient-specific and targeted diet counselling to users. For members who had uncontrolled diabetes, this has resulted in 90% of them now having their blood glucose levels within a time in range of more than 75%.

Madan Somasundaram, Co-founder and CEO, said, “At, our mission is to empower people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives and reverse chronic metabolic disorders. Technology is combined with science and human coaching to help millions of Indians manage and reverse diabetes through a highly consumer-centric data-driven digital health experience.”

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