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Tropicana launches its new Summer Campaign


PepsiCo’s leading juice brand Tropicana is all set to welcome summers with a new campaign that celebrates the goodness of its tasty and refreshing juices. The brand today unveiled a new TVC that extends the brands ‘Goodness Jo Dikhti Hai’ positioning to reiterate the brands revamped aseptic see-through PET packaging. The ad film also
aims to engage with the youth in their context, showcasing how unpleasant situations can be turned around by tapping into one’s inner goodness.

The film opens with the protagonist and his friend standing on the roadside when a speeding car passes by and scares them. One of the guy retorts in anger. Soon, the speeding car stops, and a muscular guy step out of the car. The anger quickly turns into fear as soon as the friend sees a tall-muscular guy  headed straight towards him while the protagonist looks calm as ever. 

Asking if his friend can see Tropicana’s ‘andar ki Goodness’ through the see-through bottle, leaving him confused and scared, the protagonist puzzles the muscular guy with funny martial arts poses, ultimately putting the Tropicana bottle to his mouth and
calming him down. With Tropicana in his system, the muscular guy apologizes and makes up as he hugs the friend while saying sorry for speeding the car. The film ends as the protagonist shows Tropicana as ‘Goodness Jo Dikhti Hai’. 

Anuj Goyal, Associate Director, Tropicana and Slice, PepsiCo India, adds that Tropicana is one of the leading players in the Indian juice drinks market, and we are all set to unlock additional growth not only for the brand but also the category this summer.

We are very excited to launch the new brand campaign for Tropicana that celebrates ‘inner goodness”. We are confident the new positioning with this campaign will help Tropicana strengthen connect with the consumers and continue to build brand loyalty.

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