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Lock Upp, a unique captive reality format co-created for the first time by two of the biggest Indian streaming platforms featuring a fiery host, Kangana Ranaut bringing together 16 controversial celebrities in a jail for 72 days has hit bullseye as the show has already crosssed 100MN+ unique viewers on the show in the first 19 days of its
launch. This is the first-ever reality show that has been created with its parallel universe of first-of-its-kind metaverse-based game and the game is live now. With this game, players can join the celebrity contestants on the show, explore the captive world of the Lock Upp metaverse and take an active role in the real ecosystem and win weekly prizes.
Speaking about metaverse, Zulfiqar Khan, COO – Group ALTBalaji, said,“We focused on giving viewers a different experience, so we took the first-ever reality show on an OTT platform to the next level by introducing the first-ever game in the metaverse relating to the show. We opened a new dimension in content development and engagement with advanced technology. The Lock Upp metaverse will give gamers and audiences a chance to be a part of a unique world where they can play along as the show progresses. Gaming enthusiasts worldwide can explore this amazing world of Lock Upp that we have created.”

ALTBalaji, as a pioneer, has enabled gaming enthusiasts to connect via its metaverse-based game and explore the unique world of Lock Upp. Based on elements of blockchain in a virtual 3D environment, the Lock Upp game will allow gamers from across the globe to play and win real in the metaverse. In addition, the platform has partnered with Owens NFT to give the gamers an experience combined with multiple elements of technology like augmented reality, blockchain and virtual reality.
This game enables audiences to play real and win real, a one-of-a-kind innovation. The metaverse gives the look and feel of the Lock Upp house, which the contestants are currently in but in the virtual world. Players traverse through the house to look for a key that will get them to the exit of the house. It also gives players a chance to attempt tasks and win weekly prizes of INR 2 lakhs and the season winner wins a season grand prize of INR 5 lakhs. These can also be won by predicting contestant progress, completing game challenges, and exploring the metaverse.
The OTT platform uses technology to engage the audience more vividly and enjoy the show thoroughly by playing along. This is merely the start of their quest to discover new possibilities. There are in-game cards based on the every contestant, which players can own, buy, sell, and trade and earn points through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. A free contestant token will be added to your vault when you register for the first time.
An ecosystem, the Lock Upp metaverse, allows players to be a part of the game and will enable them to be a part of the reality show. With Lock Upp Keys, viewers get to unlock some fascinating and unique features.

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