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HCG Cancer Centre Jaipur commemorates ‘National Cancer Survivors Day 2022’ by organizing an interactive session

HCG Cancer Centre, Jaipur, one of India’s leading cancer care chains, commemorated ‘National Cancer Survivors Day 2022’by organizing “JiyoZindagi Fir Se”, an interactive
session and felicitation for the cancer survivors. As part of this initiative, oncologists from HCG Cancer Centre addressed the challenges faced by cancer survivors. This day focuses on recognizing the strength of cancer survivors and serves as an inspiration and a beacon of hope to those who have recently been diagnosed. Present at the event were Dr Bharat Rajpurohit, COO, HCG Cancer Centre Jaipur followed byDr. Manish Chomal, Dr. Naresh Somani, Dr. Abhishek Pareek, Dr. Jitendra Pehalajani, Dr.
KapilSheoran & Dr B S Ankit Nehra.

Cancer Survivors face a unique challenge to transit to a new phase of life, post recovery. Recovering from cancer treatment is not just about bodily issues that they face, it is also about healing one’s mind. Cancer survivors usually face several psychological implications, such as fear of cancer reoccurrences, grief, depression and anxiety in some cases. It is important to acknowledge the same and HCG Cancer Centre has taken stepsto guide and felicitate them to overcome this huge obstacle with unwavering determination.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Bharat Rajpurohit, Chief Operating Officer, HCG Cancer Centre Jaipur said, “HCG has been at the forefront of providing quality healthcare. We believe in providing the best possible care and helping people get back their lives. Cancer Survivors deal with a range of problems, including physical, mental, and social aspects of the cancer experience. It is important to address these issues under proper guidance. National Cancer Survivors Daymatches our vision of celebrating and appreciating people who have overcome their struggle.”

Addressing the gathering, Dr Manish Chomal, “As many survivors will tell you, the effects of cancer don’t end when treatment does. Cancer survivors face ongoing, often long-lasting, hardships because of their disease. On National Cancer Survivors Day, we want to raise awareness of these challenges of cancer survivors. The day is wholeheartedly dedicated to those who survived cancer with determination. On this occasion, we would like to spread a message of hope and an assurance that they are no different from anyone and they can always achieve the impossible.”

Mrs Shipra Vikram, Project Director RGHS has felicitated all survivors & appreciate their willpower & fighting spirit.

Bhivesh Chaudhry, Cancer Survivor said, “I am from Jaipur. I was diagnosed with NSGCT(non-seminoma germ cell tumour) a type of Testicular Cancer stage 2b in September 2020. That time I was 24yr old. I came to know about this after my first surgery. At first it was completely scary, I was afraid as the cancer name is more than horrifying. After counselling from doctors and support from family members I had
only 1 thing in my mind, I am far more strong than this, It is just matter of time, it will pass and I will beat cancer and will be more than good again. By right treatment at right time and by extreme care and believe I was fully recovered in month of March 2021. Within that timeline there were 2 surgeries and 4 round of chemotherapy. I just kept 1 thing in my mind, my family is with me, doctors and medical staff is providing the best care, I have to be positive this is just a disease. By this positive thinking and strong believe in doctors, I am more than good now living a blissful life.”

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