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How Shopsy is empowering local entrepreneurs

India has recently witnessed a surge in social commerce on the back of boosted economic recovery post the pandemic. Despite being a new medium, it has taken to the masses rapidly with the deep presence/penetration of smartphones in the country. Shopsy, a social commerce platform from Flipkart launched in July 2021 to democratise e-commerce and boost entrepreneurship in the remotest corners of the country, is today making a positive difference to lakhs of sellers.

Shopsy was conceived with the aim of offering an expansive range of quality and engaging products for customers at affordable prices, while being a value-based and reliable platform for sellers. Leveraging their local network, anyone from anywhere can come onboard with Shopsy to share catalogues of Flipkart’s wide range of products over social media and communication apps to conduct business.

Shopsy strives to deliver on its promise of building a community that truly democratizes commerce in the country with the aim to make digital commerce accessible across India through a zero-commission marketplace. Today, Shopsy has over 2.5 lakh sellers on the platform who provide 150 million products across 800+ categories and is on track to enable over 25 million online entrepreneurs by 2023.

Sellers from across the country can benefit from Shopsy.

Highlighted below are select seller stories that are inspiring and encouraging.


Sunny Sidhwani is a seller from the city of Surat. Soon after his undergraduate degree, he took over his family’s fabrics business. He began his e-commerce journey on Flipkart selling ethnic wear, dress materials and nightwear and soon expanded to several other platforms, but feels Shopsy has been one of the top reasons for his growth, as it offers the most benefits. To keep up with growing demand, he also expanded his team from 50 to 80 members in order to better serve his customers. Sunny has his own production unit where his team meticulously dispatches orders including ironing the garments themselves.

He believes that the online channel has helped him scale to heights he never thought he would, with him receiving orders from all parts of the country. “My business has seen tremendous growth on Shopsy. I am highly appreciative of the platform’s unique seller initiatives and the support and guidance of the team to reach a national audience which has boosted our sales and helped my business flourish. I have faced no hurdles thus far and forecast a tremendous growth trajectory here. My target now is to grow to 5,000 orders per day in the time to come.”, says Sunny.

Jigarbhai Maheshbhai Moradiy, from the city of Surat, initially began his career as an architect and interior designer. Soon after his undergraduate degree, he made a transition to entrepreneurship and set up his home and kitchen business. He conducted business on several e-commerce platforms but after learning about Shopsy’s zero commission model from a friend, he joined Shopsy and has not looked back since. In just two months since being on the platform, he has fulfilled over 12,000 orders and has seen a growth of over 3X so far.

He further added “Like many others, my business was initially hit at the onset of the pandemic. However, Shopsy greatly helped me persevere and bring it back on track. I have witnessed tremendous growth since coming onboard at Shopsy and recommend it to all sellers in my circle. The platform has instilled my trust in the online marketplace. My goal now is to target 6,000 orders per day here, which I am optimistic to hit soon and have increased my inventory and investment to support this.”


Sourav hails from the city of Panipat. His entrepreneurial journey began in difficult circumstances during the pandemic to find a means of sustenance. Having had trouble seeing growth in his business online, he moved to Shopsy following a recommendation from a friend a few months back, and has not looked back since. His home decor and furniture business currently clocks an impressive number of orders per day and the profit ratio has increased to 3:4 since joining Shopsy.

Shopsy has been an anchor in my hour of need. I highly appreciate the platform’s supportive environment to its sellers, low return rate, and high profit margins. I would recommend Shopsy  to every aspiring entrepreneur. I am optimistic of scaling my business to newer heights on the platform. Undoubtedly, Shopsy is a platform that holds the hand of sellers and directs them towards a successful path.”


Rinki Sahni is a seller hailing from the capital city of Delhi. Soon after completing her diploma, she started a computer and electronics business along with her husband and has been an entrepreneur for over a decade now. Her journey on e-commerce started when she joined Flipkart as a seller nearly 6 years back. Post joining the platform, she slowly began experimenting with different products in the electronics space such as hair curlers and then eventually branched out into kitchenware and then shapewear- her current business, based on customer preferences. Since then, she has regularly added to her portfolio catering to customers’ evolving needs such as masks and sanitizers at the onset of the pandemic. Having had a successful run at Flipkart, she moved to Shopsy where her business currently clocks a significant number of orders per day.

“We are very happy that we had the courage to adopt the online marketplace to explore our potential. Flipkart and Shopsy have been crucial pillars of support that have had a huge impact on our business. I really enjoy the feeling of being an entrepreneur and I am grateful for the independence it has provided me with”, she adds.

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