Thursday, May 23, 2024

NestAway To Expand Its Services in Jaipur

NestAway Technologies – India’s fastest growing home rental company has successfully had their footprints in nearly 6-7 cities despite the pandemic. Their upcoming expansion plan will further mark its presence in nearly 30 cities across the country. The current matrix of economic activities in the market, interest rate trajectory, and job market situation taking
the workforce to even Tier 1 and 2 cities apart from the metros will provide a boost to the rentals in these locations.

Mr. Amarendra Sahu, Co-Founder, NestAway Technologies says, “Providing reliable and credit-verified tenants to the landlords and satisfactory, non-discriminatory service to tenants is central to NestAway. Hence our constant effort is to provide the privilege of comfort and hassle-free living for customers across India. We are pleased to extend our service to multiple cities across India. We will strive to meet our customer’s expectations by delivering quality services and living.”

NestAway has expanded its rental network inventory beyond its tier-1 cities and has its services available in Pink City, Jaipur. The company will continue to provide zero-deposit homes to tenants and offer credit verified tenants to landlords solving the key issue plaguing the real estate sector. In the last quarter they have received 300+ inquiries from homeowners and on the demand, side are receiving over 150+ inquiries on a roll. The demand is largely observed from young tenants looking to occupy good homes The rentals in Jaipur are highly unorganized leading to disputes of various kinds, even forcing the landlords to keep their properties vacant. It is to tap this huge opportunity that NestAway is looking to expand its footprints to these markets to provide reliable and credit-verified tenants to the landlords. To be sure, rental normally grasps traction and growth regardless of the property market situation.

The company is already successful with its services in the metro cities and wants to provide superior services to other parts of the country, including Tier 1 and 2 cities. Therefore, making investments in property, and renting in these markets a good and profitable experience.

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