Friday, June 9, 2023

Electric scooter maker Fujiyama EV has forayed into Rajasthan

There is good news in store for scooter enthusiasts who also believe in clean air. Electric scooter startup company Fujiyama on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023 announced their first and exclusive showroom in Rajasthan.

The showroom provides customers with a unique EV buying experience as well as increases awareness about EV adoption within the region.

Continuing their dream run and strategically reinforcing their long-term plans of setting up a PAN India network, Fujiyama announced the launch of their exclusive showroom– Rudra Shakti Motors in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which is also known as the city of two-wheelers. The showroom was inaugurated by Mr. Shobhit Agarwal, Director of Fujiyama.

The company’s extensive range of e-scooters will be on display, along with all the merchandising and accessories that it has to offer. Customers are welcome to come in and experience the products, as well as make their bookings at the showroom.

“With 26 years of OEM experience in the automotive industry and the electric vehicle category, the company is planning to launch 45 new showrooms in March 2023 itself taking total tally to 140+ dealers PAN INDIA. Furthermore the company plans to inaugurate 500+ more showrooms in FY 23-24 . With mission to be among top players in country , the company has committed INR 150 crores in three phases to build a state-of-the-art plant at their facility in UNA district of Himachal Pradesh which includes, in-house production of motors, controllers, batteries, and all the structural components of vehicles,” said Mr. Udit Agarwal, CEO, Fujiyama.

“With the capacity of producing 20,00,000 units annually, the company intends to establish three more manufacturing facilities by 2025 in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh taking production capacity to 60,00,000 unit annual,” he added.

The newly launched Fujiyama e-scooters are available at attractive introductory offers, and the price range starts from INR 49,499/- and goes up-to INR 99,999/-. The e-scooters are available at Fujiyama showroom and offline dealerships.

In the coming few months, the company is planning to launch two e-bike — the first one is a classic e-scooter, which costs INR 69,999 with range up-to 160 km, the second one is a motorcycle which would cost INR 99,999. Fujiyama also plans to launch e-loader and commercial 3-wheelers in the coming months.

The company also provides an extensive service network pan India to all our customers while providing the first three e-scooter services absolutely free of cost and post that the cost will be only INR 249 per vehicle.

The minimum usage of electricity is just 2-3 units covering around 140+km ride. The BLDC motor of Fujiyama benefits you with high speed, instantaneous control, speed (rpm) and torque, high efficiency, and low maintenance.

Fujiyama electric scooters have a high wattage motor for best pickup. The Front Telescopic and rear suspensions provide double shock suspension, that is, advanced shockers for the smoothest ride.

“Expanding our vision to shape the EV category and grow its scale, we are excited to open the Fujiyama showroom. This center is a manifestation of our vision to build experiences that create curiosity, meaningfulness and that people connect with,” said Mr. Udit Agarwal, CEO of Fujiyama.

“The reason behind launching the showroom was largely driven by the growing popularity of E-Scooter in Jaipur as well as the increasing demand for aspirational and environmentally friendly bikes. We have always believed that this region has a lot of potential for the E-Scooters segment. This new showroom is a reinforcement of our commitment to provide the best services to bike lovers in the region,” Mr. Udit Agarwal added.

Fujiyama is the only company in the e-scooter category who have brought both styling and technology together in the product. The entire range of e-scooter & bike is equipped with top-of-the line features and parts and is built for the trails with exceptional premium components. Environmentally yet style and features obsessed EV Fujiyama has many products of Electric 2- Wheeler scooters like OZONE, Classic, Spectra, Vespar, and Thunder

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