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Zayn Ibad Khan : “There is a thin line in being intimate and vulgar”

This season of love Disney+ Hotstar announced the third season of their fan favourite- Aashiqana. While crime and treachery fuelled the sizzling chemistry of Yash and Chikki, love kept them united even when they were apart. This new season gets bigger as audiences will witness the return of- Karma, and how it affects the lives of Yash and Chikki. Will they be able to unearth the mystery and find their way back to each other? Zayn Ibad Khan and Khushi Dubey return with triple the energy along with talented actors like Inderjeet Modi, Anurag Vyas, Raghav Tiwari and Geeta Tyagi amongst others. Series Director Gul Khan and produced by Gen K Studios, Aashiqana Season 3 is streaming now exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

For every actor doing an intimate scene can be a tricky task. A lot of work goes behind getting it right and making sure the audiences are happy with the end product. Zayn Ibad Khan aka Yash from Aashiqana shares his experience of shooting for Aashiqana 3

Talking about this, Zayn Ibad Khan said, “First of all, you know, there’s a very thin line in being intimate and just being vulgar, right. It’s just up to you, how you convey or portray it. We’ve seen romantic scenes before, in everything, it is a very sensitive topic to shoot. We need proper coordination like camera man, director, DOP, and Khushi, she is a sport. And I also have to make sure that she is comfortable and she’s also doing the same, she’s doing the most of it. And as everybody knows, she’s an amazing actor. So just yeah, it’s fun. I try to do every possible thing, every nuance, every small thing convincingly and shooting intimate scenes is something of a different ball game altogether and I’m glad that people have accepted it in a very good way and not in a vulgar way.”

Tune in to the third chapter of Aashiqana only on Disney+ Hotstar, streaming now

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