Saturday, December 2, 2023

Kamdhenu Limited all set to re-strengthen its market presence in Rajasthan

Kamdhenu Limited, India’s largest manufacturer and seller of branded TMT Bars in retail, hasannounced its business strategy to enhance its market share of TMT bars in Rajasthan.As per the strategy, the company has planned to enhance the production capacity of its premium brand ‘Kamdhenu Nxt’ – the next generation high-end interlock steel TMT bar from4,30,000MT of premium TMT bars to6,00,000MTin a year.

Commenting on the company’s growth plan, MrSunil Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Limited said, “Kamdhenu Nxt stands out as a high-quality TMT bar, purposefully designed to meet the demands of contemporary construction. This superior product has successfully penetrated various markets nationwide and is swiftly extending its reach to emerging markets. Given Rajasthan’s rapid infrastructure growth, characterized by high-paced development, it aligns perfectly with our brand’s vision. We are thrilled to extend our footprint in this region.”

“‘Kamdhenu Nxt’ is the result of advanced research and innovation in product development at Kamdhenu, showcasing a world-class standard. With an impressive 2.5 times stronger concrete-steel interlock, Kamdhenu Nxt possesses attributes perfectly tailored to meet the demands of modern engineered reinforcement structures and innovative architectural designs. Kamdhenu is dedicated to creating exceptional products that cater to evolving industry needs, aiming to set a benchmark for affordability in technologically advanced products within the market.”, he further added.

Kamdhenu Nxt’s unique and critically designed double rib, fatigue strength and ductility makes it much superior to ordinary steel bars. The distinctive design of ‘Kamdhenu Nxt’ sets a benchmark for better interlock with concrete mix, giving more power to the structure. The two angular ribs on this steel bar amplify the interlock strength between steel and concrete thereby providing optimum security to structures that are subject to unexpected forces like seismic, dynamic impact etc.This makes it suitable for concrete reinforced structures like bridges, flyovers, dams, thermal and hydel plants, industrial towers, skyline buildings, underground platforms.

Apart from the expansion of its production capacity, the company is also planning to expand its dealer & distributor network. Kamdhenu aims re-strengthen its network in the stateby adding 100 more dealers & distributors within a year.

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