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IIFL Home Finance’s CSR Drive Covers Miles

IIFL Home Finance Ltd. reaffirms its steadfast dedication to bolstering road safety and nurturing community welfare in Jaipur. In a recent CSR endeavor, at the Jaipur Commissionerate, the company made significant strides towards advancing public road safety. This initiative marked a pivotal moment as IIFL Home Finance Ltd. generously contributed vital supplies crucial for public infrastructure, including a total of 600 barricades and 1200 helmets in total for the complete initiative.

Notably, joining forces in this mission for Road Safety is none other than Mr. Raghavendra Kumar, renowned as the Helmet Man of India. Together, their collaboration underscores a shared commitment to safeguarding lives and creating safer roads for all.

The pressing need for such initiatives is underscored by a recent study by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, highlighting India’s alarming road fatality rates, with over 1.5 lakh deaths reported annually. Recognizing this urgent need for action, IIFL Home Finance Ltd.’s proactive stance exemplifies its deep understanding of local needs and unwavering dedication to enhancing infrastructural standards.

Raghavendra Kumar, known as the Helmet Man of India, is on a mission to promote road safety. He’s distributed over 56,000 helmets across various cities. With the establishment of the Helmet Man of India Foundation in 2020, Kumar plans to set up helmet banks and stores outside schools to provide free helmets to students in need. He funds his mission through donations and even sold his flat for it. His initiative extends beyond helmets; he exchanges old books for helmets,Kumar’s dedication to saving lives on the road is truly inspiring.

The donated barricades aim to enhance traffic management and overall road safety measures, while the distribution of helmets emphasizes the critical importance of responsible riding habits among two-wheeler riders. This impactful drive underscores IIFL Home Finance Ltd.’s commitment to fostering a safer environment for all members of the Jaipur community.

The event garnered significant participation from esteemed dignitaries, reflecting the widespread support and recognition for the initiative. Notable attendees included Mr. Sagar Rana, IPS – Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Traffic, Jaipur, who brought his invaluable expertise and insights to the discussions on enhancing road safety measures.

Commenting on the community drive, Mr. Karan Dhadda, Regional Sales Manager, Jaipur, North, IIFL Home Finance Ltd.said “Here in Jaipur, the safety of our community is paramount for IIFL Home Finance Ltd. As a responsible corporate citizen, we’re deeply invested in making our roads safer.  Our recent CSR initiative reflects this commitment.  Just like each journey starts at home, a safe journey starts with awareness. Initiatives like these allow us to make a real difference and ensure our community thrives.”

This CSR event is a testament to IIFL HFC’s dedication to giving back to the community and creating a safer tomorrow for everyone.

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