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Skill Development Program Launched for Sanskrit Students from the City of Lakes

A comprehensive skill development program for students of the Central University of Rajasthan (CUCR) is set to commence. An MoU was signed on Tuesday, to establish this annual initiative in udaipur, aimed at enhancing the practical skills of students. The MoU was signed by Sanjay Singhal, Founder of Dharohar Sansthan and Dr. Srinivas Varkhede, Vice Chancellor of CUCR. This program will span 42 days.

Sanjay Singhal highlighted that through this internship program, students will engage in the collection, study and understanding of ancient manuscripts. This experience is designed to equip students with valuable life skills, preparing them for future challenges. He stated that during the 42-day internship, 25 students from various branches of CUCR will be involved in manuscript collection projects led by Dharohar, leveraging their academic knowledge. Additionally, this program will help students develop practical skills beneficial for their daily lives. Singhal emphasized that Dharohar is committed to organizing this internship program annually for CUCR students. The project’s ambitious goal is to create digital copies of 25 Lakh manuscripts, properly arrange them and catalog them over the next 20 years.

Dharohar Sansthan’s Social Initiatives:
Dharohar Sansthan, supported by Secure Meters, is dedicated to fostering a society with a lifelong passion for learning. The institute operates on the belief that contributing to society is a pathway to personal growth and learning, with no age restrictions on the pursuit of knowledge.

Dharohar focuses on three main areas:

  1. 10 Lakh Tree Program: This initiative includes the development of forest areas in Udaipur and the maintenance of public parks. The goal is to plant 1 million trees in Udaipur in collaboration with various societal organizations and individuals.
  2. Third Space: Located on Pratapnagar-Sukher Main Road in Udaipur, Third Space is a social hub offering resources and opportunities for diverse activities. It provides a platform for creativity, innovation and community engagement. Activities available include wall climbing, adventure sports, a library, a jugaad lab and a maker lab. Additionally, workshops on pottery, furniture making, tailoring and more are regularly held. The space also offers co-working facilities, conference halls and venues for events like birthday parties.

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