Saturday, July 13, 2024

ITC Mangaldeep’s New Campaign: Bringing God Closer, Heart to Heart

ITC Mangaldeep, in collaboration with Ogilvy India, has launched a new campaign titled ‘Dil se Karo Baat, Bhagwan Ke Saath’ (‘Make God Your Close Confidant’). This campaign celebrates the personal and heartfelt connection between individuals and God, portraying this bond as one of close friendship and open conversation.

The campaign highlights how God can be experienced beyond traditional places of worship, emphasizing His presence in everyday life. It features relatable scenarios that showcase this divine connection, promoting a sense of companionship and respect for God’s power.

Gaurav Tayal, Chief Executive of ITC’s Matches & Agarbatti Business, stated, “Our campaign illustrates our connection with God, emphasizing His presence in our daily lives and fostering a sense of companionship.”

Rajesh Mani, Group Creative Director at Ogilvy India, added, “This campaign encourages people to have heart-to-heart conversations with God, portraying Him as a 24/7 friend, philosopher, and guide. Mangaldeep captures this beautiful thought, blending tradition and modernity.”

The campaign’s ad, visualized by Ogilvy India, aims to reach its audience by highlighting the nuances of devotion in a slice-of-life fashion.

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