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As part of its philosophy of sustainable and responsible growth, Vedanta has recycled 282.65 million cubic meters of water in the past four years.

As we celebrate World Water Day on March 22, Vedanta, which beliefs in using natural resources prudently, has been investing in new technologies and systems to optimize water consumption.

The company’s businesses have put in place rainwater harvesting facilities and adopted the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The company’s drinking water and sanitation program are aimed at providing drinking water and purification systems to the local communities, and it has implemented WASH initiatives to develop safe and healthy habits.

According to Vedanta Group CEO and Chief Safety Officer Sunil Duggal: “Water plays a very crucial role in the socio-economic development of a nation and has become an increasingly finite and precious resource. Our approach to water management respects rights overuse of water for all stakeholders, which in turn strengthens our social license to operate.

We have a long-term approach to water management that aims to improve our performance, recognize the significance of water and contribute to sustainable water management. We continuously implement technologies and systems across all our operations, to optimize water consumption, enhance energy production, and safeguard biodiversity.

Vedanta has both a water management policy and a water management standard in place which integrates with decision-making processes for all new and existing projects, ensuring that all necessary measures are in place to minimize the water footprint of our projects. At the same time, we strictly follow all norms including zero liquid discharge policy to ensure there is no groundwater contamination due to our operations.”

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