Friday, July 12, 2024

Sharp celebrates 100 million product units sold worldwide equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology

Sharp, Business Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd, a wholly owned Indian subsidiary of Sharp Corporation Japan, today announced a global milestone, with products carrying the unique Plasmacluster™ sold more than 100 million units worldwide. Since the introduction in the year 2000 of the first air purifiers equipped with Plasmacluster™ ion technology, Sharp’s proprietary air purification technology finds usage across a variety of products and a wide range of industries.

Commenting on the achievement, Shinji Minatogawa, Managing Director, SHARP Business Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd said, “With rising respiratory infections in India, people are now exploring alternative solutions to medication. This is where Sharp Plasmacluster Technology comes in. With over 35 Global certifications and over 10 Crore units sold, Plasmacluster has emerged as one of the most safe and effective Air Cleaning Solution for a variety of indoor spaces. As we continue our commitments towards health and safety through award winning and safe technologies, we recognize
the importance of policies for prevention of air pollution related diseases – a big step towards a healthier community & nation. The change must begin from our homes”.

“In India, we have introduced a series of products equipped with Plasmacluster technology to that not just make our customer’s life Healthy, but also aid in improving work life balance. We are thankful to our users and partners for their support and trust in our products over the years, and we will continue in our pursuit for making innovations that keeps the air clean for everyone”, he added. 

Over the years, Plasmacluster devices have evolved in effectiveness as Sharp has made them more and more compact and given them the capability to generate increasingly higher concentrations of ions. Sharp has 23products currently equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology, including air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators. In addition, this technology is utilized globally in an ever- broadening array of interior spaces, including inside vehicles, railway passenger cars, and elevators.

Further, Sharp Plasmacluster technology has also witnessed a steady increase in popularity, spreading into other industry segments, including Healthcare, Industrial Machinery, Auto, Housing, and Energy. Sharp aims to achieve the milestone of 200 million global sales of PCI technology products by FY2030.

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