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Awareness Workshop on “Mobile Tower myths and Tower Frauds” & PM-WANI organized by Rajasthan LSA

Rajasthan LSA, DoT organized awareness webinar on “Mobile Tower myths and Tower Frauds” & PM-WANI on Sept 15th, 2022. This Workshop was organized as part of DoT’s public advocacy program to make aware the Engineering Students & Faculty members of JECRC, Jaipur regarding need of mobile towers and disprove theories surrounding the harmful radiation from mobile towers to address unfounded fears of citizens by presenting credible scientific evidence.

An expert panel comprising of senior officers from the telecom department along with HoD ECE and Professor from JECRC Jaipur discussed the concerns put forth by citizens while also disproving myths, misinformation related to health hazards related to the radiation from mobile towers and awareness about the PM WANI scheme.

The Workshop was attended by approx. 150 Engineering Students & Faculty members of JECRC, Jaipur. The workshop was started with welcome address and Introduction of the topic by Prof. Sandeep Vyash , HoD ECE, JECRC , Jaipur in which he emphasized upon the need of mobile towers. The technical speakers at the event were from Department of Telecommunications, Rajasthan LSA, Shri Fateh Singh, Director (Technology) and Sh. Rakesh Kumar Meena, Director (Compliance).

While giving an outline of the telecommunication services’ exponential growth and also highlighting the issues faced by the stakeholders, Sh. Fateh Singh, Director (Technology), DoT, Rajasthan LSA mentioned, “We have come together today to address the spread of misinformation and provide authentic views on the health concerns posed by mobile towers. With the increase in the numbers of mobile users, there is also a need to increase the number of mobile towers to cater seamless mobile connectivity to all. Basis of extensive research on EMF signals, it has been established that mobile tower radiation does not cause any hazards health issues.”

He Further explained the PM- WANI Scheme in details and stated that internet, despite its benefits, has not been able to reach in all parts of India, further the cost of internet via mobile connection / fiber connection is not affordable for all in India. PM Vani Scheme of Government of India has been launched to make internet connection accessible to all. Acceptance and proliferation of technology to all will ensure that India achieves its goal of being a world power.

As part of his presentation on EMF radiation, Sh. Rakesh Kumar Meena, Director (Compliance) discussed the need of mobile phones in our lives and development of the country. He gave the overview of low-level Electro Magnetic field emanated from mobile towers. He also said, “DoT regulates and monitors radiations emanating from telecom towers. Our EMF norms are 10 times more stringent than
those prescribed by ICNIRP and recommended by WHO. LSA conducts regular physical audits of sites and test the power of available EMF signals at different probable locations near the site. It is vital for the people to be reassured and informed that any fears around mobile towers lack any foundation.” He cleared misconceptions associated with mobile tower radiations. He said, “There is no scientific or medical evidence available to corroborate the argument used against mobile towers. Exceedingly low powered non-ionizing radiations are emitted from cell towers that have no adverse health impact on human life or animal life, whatsoever.”

During Q&A Workshop, the panelists highlighted that the mobile connectivity is the need of the hour for all sections of society and is an integral part of Government’s vision for ‘Digital India’. It was clarified that the level of exposure near a cell phone tower is typically many times lower than the exposure from simply using a cell phone.
The panel discussion closed with a vote of thanks by Sh. Ashish Sharma, Asstt. Prof. ECE, JECRC, Jaipur.

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