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As India faces the threat of a second wave of COVID 19 in winters, Ayurveda is the best ‘vaccination’ against it – Acharya Manish

Avoid self-medication in COVID era for best results, take Ayurvedic medicines in consultation with practitioners- Acharya Manish

There is some good news on the COVID front. India’s recovery rate of COVID 19 has gone up-to nearly 91 per cent, and the case fatality rate has further declined to just about 1.5 per cent. One of the reasons for this is the Modi government’s lockdown & strict Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs’) put in place to slow down the spread of COVID 19.

 A famous Ayurvedic Acharya – Acharya Manish, who has founded the Ayurveda label ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’ and has his corporate office at Zirakpur near Chandigarh, believes that apart from the well thought out Modi government restrictions, there is another major reason for India being in a much better position than other countries as far as COVID 19 is concerned.

Achaya Manish said, “The low death rate, high recovery rate, low intensity of cases, and no symptoms in a majority of cases has been made possible by the immunity-boosting done through the use of Ayurvedic formulations. Now that the second wave is staring us in the face as winters set in, and talks of vaccination still in the realm of ‘conjecturing’, I feel Ayurveda is the best vaccine that India has against COVID 19.”

Acharya Manish also underlined the importance of herb-based formulations to be taken to improve respiratory health. He informed that there are many options available in Ayurveda which strengthen the respiratory system.

Acharya Manish stated, “This is the need of the hour as stubble burning in North India has negatively impacted the respiratory health of people living in North Indian cities including NCR Delhi, and the n Corona Virus also attacks the respiratory tract.”  

Acharya Manish added, “AYUSH has officially declared an immunity-boosting protocol and Shuddhi, in particular, has been at the forefront of the propagation of Ayurveda through our well researched & AYUSH approved immunity-boosting pack. These measures  have led to India’s better management of COVID 19, despite India being a highly populated country.”

However, Acharya Manish in the same breath cautions that Ayurvedic preparations need to be taken in consultation with practitioners.

Acharya Manish said further, “Self-medication is not advised as Ayurveda studies various health parameters, looks for underlying conditions and only then an expert prescribes a course. There are many dietary aspects also suggested with other food & drink restrictions, and this is possible only when someone seriously follows the consultation system.”

Acharya Manish explains that though there are no side effects of branded Ayurvedic medicines being sold in the market at different medical stores if one is to achieve 100 percent effectiveness of these one has to get in touch with a practitioner. As the duration of medicine to be taken, dosage, etc., all will be cleared by only an expert.

 As far as ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’ is concerned, the label has 125+ clinics in the country.   Experienced practitioners have been appointed at all ‘Shuddhi’ clinics who suggest medications after taking a complete history from patients. This is followed up by advice to patients to take particular formulations to detoxify the body after this the next step is working on rejuvenating one’s body. The final step is the healing of the body. All the medicines work on these main principles.

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