Saturday, December 3, 2022

Best Agrolife Ltd Draws Enthusiastic Response At Dealer Meet In Rajasthan, Launches New Products Ronfen And Warden

India’s leading agrochemicals company, Best Agrolife Ltd. recently conducted a dealer meeting in Rawatsar, Rajasthan. The agenda of the meeting was to introduce and create awareness about the company’s newly launched revolutionary products Ronfen and Warden in the state. Around 70 dealers and retailers were present in this knowledge-building meeting.

The meeting was conducted by Mr Sanjiv Kumar Chouhan (Ast. ZSM) and Mr Shashi Nagpal (ASM North Rajasthan). Other than sharing the detailed specifications of Ronfen, Warden and a few other products the company also explained the benefits they will bring to the dealers and farmers.

A first-of-its-kind proprietary ternary insecticidal combination of Best Agrolife Ltd, Ronfen is a single-shot solution that controls all sucking pests together in various crops like cotton, chilly, vegetables, and many other segments. Ronfen covers the
composition of Pyriproxyfen 8%, Diafenthiuron 18%, and Dinotefuran 5% in a unique suspension concentrate formulation.

Warden is a ternary combination of two fungicides and one insecticide (Azoxystrobin 2.5% + Thiophanate Methyl 11.25% + Thiamethoxam 25% FS). It acts as a systemic fungicide and systemic insecticide that provides effective seed treatment and can prevent pest and disease infestation up to very long if treated properly. It ensures 100% germination and provides an early and healthy start to seedlings.

“The company’s agro-products have witnessed enthusiastic response both from dealers and farmers. All of our products have been introduced after thorough research and are based on inputs received from every stakeholder in the agri-value chain. They will not only benefit the farmers, retailers and distributors but also every stakeholder in the company.” said Mr Vimal Alawadhi, MD Best Agrolife Ltd.

Best Agrolife had recently introduced its five top-of-the-line pest control products – Ronfen, Warden AxeMan, Tombo and Reveal.

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