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Shakti Pumps received a Patent for Inventing Switching Circuit To Start Single Phase-Induction Motor

Shakti Pumps (India) Limited(herein referred to as “Shakti Pumps”), India’s leading manufacturer of energy-efficient pumps and motors has received a patent for inventing a “Switching Circuit To Start Single Phase-Induction Motor”. Shakti Pumps received this patent from “Intellectual Property India, a Ministry of Commerce & Industry rganisation”. The patent is in accordance with the provisions of the Patents Act,1970 and it will hold a validity of 20 years from the date of filing of the patent. The company has received 3 patents till date and have filled 27 more patents in India and abroad.

Generally, to start a single-phase induction motor, a control box that uses capacitors is required. Also, in Submersible Motors an additional conductor was required in the riser cable. These capacitors increase the possibilities of complications in circuits and voltage fluctuations. With the help of this invention, one can avoid complications and save additional costs of conductors in the riser cable. This invention also eliminates the issues of voltage fluctuations in riser cables and increases the precision in switching, as compared to the panel and capacitor

Sharing his views on this vital development, Mr. Dinesh Patidar, Chairman & Managing Director, said: “We are feeling extremely proud and delighted that we are receiving positive outcomes and recognition of all the efforts we have put into the technology upgradation. Our urge to become a leader has encouraged us to develop products that are not only unique but also prove beneficial for our target customer base and the environment.

Till now, we have made a solid platform and with our strong brand recognition, we are further expecting to continue making a positive contribution to the industry which would help us to deliver encouraging results for our investors.”

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