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Integra Essentia Ltd. Reports Robust Earnings for Q2FY24


Integra Essentia Ltd., a prominent player engaged in business of Life Essentials, in its board meeting held on November06, 2023, has approved the unaudited Financial Results of the Company for the quarter and half year ended on 30September 2023.

For the quarter ended 30 September 2023, the Revenue from Operations grew by 17.11% from Rs.5712.55 Lakhs in Q2FY23 to Rs.6689.71 Lakhs in Q2FY24. EBITDA increased 420.98% from Rs.211.11 Lakhs in Q2FY23 to Rs.1099.84 Lakhs in Q2FY24. EBITDA margins increased from 3.55% in Q2FY23 to 14.71% in Q2FY24 by 1116bps. PAT grew 248.71% from Rs.215.88 Lakhs in Q2FY23 toRs.752.79 Lakhs in Q2FY24. PAT margins increased from 3.63% in Q2FY23 to 10.07% in Q2FY24 by 644 bps.

For the half year ended 30 September 2023, Revenue from Operations grew by 7.79% from Rs.11309.01 Lakhs in H1FY23 to Rs.12189.55 Lakhs in H1FY24. EBITDA increased by 407.23% from Rs.269.73 Lakhs in H1FY23 to Rs.1368.15 Lakhs in H1FY24 EBITDA margins increased from 2.34% in H1FY23 to 10.43% in H1FY24 by 809 bps. PAT(Profit after tax)
increased by 217.68% from Rs.274.20 Lakhs in H1FY23 toRs.871.09 Lakhs in H1FY24. PAT margins increased from 2.38% in H1FY23 to 6.64% in H1FY24 by 426 bps.

CommentingontheQ2FY24& H1FY24 Performance, the Management added, “Integra Essentia Limited is pleased to report robust financial performance for the second quarter of FY24. Our outlook for the future remains positive, and we are committed to maintaining this momentum. With an eye on the future, we aim to achieve sales of Rs. 2700 million in this fiscal year, marking a robust growth of about 15% compared to the previous fiscal year. As we continue to expand our business, this ambitious goal reflects our vision of continued growth. We extend our gratitude to our shareholders, clients, and dedicated team whose relentless efforts and unwavering support have been instrumental in our success. As we move forward, we remain focused on driving innovation, operational efficiency, and delivering sustainable value to all our stakeholders.”

Earlier in September, the company announced the receipts of orders valued at INR 120 million for supplying Rice & Cashew Nuts. The company also has plans to fuel the growth with diversifying the product portfolio while also exploring opportunities to strengthen the core via Acquisitions / Mergers which are at different stages of consideration / negotiations.

Integra Essentia Limited specializes in Life Essentials such as Food (Agro Products), Clothing (Textiles and Garments), Infrastructure (Materials and Services for Construction and Infrastructure Development), and Energy (Materials, Products and Services for Renewable Energy Equipment and Projects) and many more Products and Services required to sustain
modern life. As a company with a substantial role to play in creating and providing effective basic life materials and services, Integra Essentia enhances aspiring living standards and opulent lifestyles through vide offerings across Agro, Health and nutrition, Clothing, Energy and infrastructure, Bulk Materials, as well as other lifestyle-related products. The company is promoted and managed by a core team of experts with diverse experience relevant to the company’s businesses and is continually expanding its business through acquisitions of operational facilities. It is currently analyzing, comparing, and finalizing the acquisition of processing facilities as part of its long-term plan to broaden its business interests.

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