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ITALMOPA makes an impressive foray into the Indian market by launching the EU co-funded “Pure Flour from Europe” campaign

the Italian Association of Millers has launched a strategic initiative to promote exports of soft wheat flour into India called “Pure Flour from Europe”.

The campaign aim is to raise awareness of the versatility, high- quality, unadulterated and safe flour. The campaign is co-funded by the European Commission, and is devoted to creating awareness of the superior quality and uniqueness of soft wheat flour from Europe and from Italy among professionals, opinion leaders and consumers in India. It is a flour perfect for both classic European and Italian recipes as well as local specialties.

The European milling industry ensures the production of high-quality flours starting from the selection of the best grains, a skillful mix of tradition combined with cutting-edge technology while adhering to stringent quality standards. Currently, Italy is the main EU exporting country of wheat flour in India.

We launched our official programme today, April 26, 2022 at AAHAR – Booth GH-4-07-A and we are hosting some amazing tasting sessions. Visit us from 27 to 30 April and enjoy the specialties proposed by our Italian chefs.

The campaign Pure Flour from Europe will last three years: there will be consumer and trade events, product demonstrations led by chefs featuring well-loved Italian foods such as pizza, pasta, pastries and breads. In addition, an educational tour to Italy is being planned so you can learn more about this wonderful flour directly from the millers.

Detailing India-specific plans, two of Italy’s finest producers of quality flours, Antimo Caputo from Molino Caputo and Riccardo Agugiaro from Le 5 Stagioni, explain “We foresee immense growth opportunities in India for soft wheat flour from Italy thanks to higher disposable incomes coupled with a burgeoning young population whose growing preference toward European bakery products like pizzas, breads, cakes etc, is enthusiastic. We are confident that the hygienic, safe and nutritious flour from Europe will have good market acceptability owing to its unique ingredients, traceability and superior quality as it is truly the perfect ingredient for well-known Chefs globally.”

Elaborating further they added “Italy as a member of the EU ensures food safety and quality, a characteristic which means its flour products have gained a reputation of quality worldwide. As a staple food that is taken almost daily, flour provides a healthy, low fat source of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and vegetable protein, contributing to a balanced diet.

Most importantly, quality and safety checks are applied to all production stages, from the arrival of the wheat to the distribution of flour. Each step of the way, flour production is controlled and recorded by a computerized traceability system, which allows the entire production chain of a batch of flour to be reconstructed and tracked, protecting consumer and public health. In fact, the EU milling industry has a very stringent body of regulations, carrying out thousands of tests and cross-checks by independent and accredited laboratories. The production process is simple and clean, and continues to improve sustainable management by saving energy, reducing air emissions and using by-products.”

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