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25% Increase in Average Time Spent Daily on Smartphones Post COVID – Excessive Usage Affecting Human Relationships

vivo, the innovative global smartphone brand, today announced the findings of the second edition of the study titled Smartphones and their impact on human relationships 2020, that showcases the impact of mobile devices on consumers in this year of social distancing. As the smartphone becomes the centre of universe in our lives, its impact on society, on behaviours and every day human connections is significant. The study evaluates and throws light on the various dimensions of increasing smartphone usage – extent of usage, impact of lock down on usage patterns, impact on personal health and social relationships.

Smartphones have become an important tool in our day-to-day routines, helping us connect with our friends, family and the world in general. This significance became utmost when COVID-19 and ensued lockdowns hit people this year, forcing them to stay indoors for their safety. Hence, a smartphone became our lifeline – from improving our overall quality of life to helping us feel safe, secure and entertained in distant lands. However, excessive usage of smartphones is triggering addiction among its users. 

The study revealed that 66% of Indians believe that their smartphone improves their quality of life. Still, a shocking 70% of Indians feel that if their smartphone usage continues increasing, it is likely to impact their mental/physical health. Additionally, 74% of respondents said that periodically switching off their mobile phone can help them spend more time with family. However, only 18% of users have actually switched off their phone on their own.

Commenting on the launch of the report, Nipun Marya, Director-Brand Strategy, vivo India, said, “The year 2020 was unusual – a year that nobody had imagined. Amidst the socially distant lives that the pandemic pushed us to lead, the smartphone emerged as the central nervous system for everything – be it working or learning from home or staying connected with friends and family. However, while smartphones have given much-needed flexibility to people, its excessive use has led to addiction among users, and that in turn is impacting human relationships and behaviour.

As a brand that wants to bring joy to people, vivo India aims to sensitize people about the benefits of responsible use of smartphones through the second edition of ‘Smartphones and their Impact on Human Relationships’ study.”

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