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16-year-old BYJU’S student from Rajasthan aims to win the National Level Football Championship

As the recent Football fever gripped the world with the world’s biggest extravaganza, there were young guns in India hustling to make their mark in the sport to represent our country in the future. Madhav Harsh, a 16-year-old BYJU’S student from Jaipur, Rajasthan, has been establishing himself in the field of football and has earned recognition for his state by bringing several accolades in state and district level tournaments.

Madhav started playing football when he was only 12 years old and since then never looked back. With time, he channelized his passion into a dedication, practicing rigorously, along with managing his academic schedule. He is now eyeing playing for the SGFI National Tournament making his state and parents proud of his achievements. Having clinched a series of awards in the sport, he has also been recognized as the ‘Player of the Match’ in a tournament organized by Reliance Foundation Youth Sports.

Madhav realises the need for a learning companion that could help him devote time to sports without compromising on academics. To ensure he was able to do that, his parents enrolled him in BYJU’S which they feel has been a great addition to their son’s life and his future plan of pursuing engineering. They believe that it is visibly helping him with conceptual learning and most importantly, balancing his time well between football and studies.

Speaking on this, Madhav said “I started playing Football at a very young age and realised that Football has just made me a better learner. However, to balance both my priorities, I needed a solution that allowed me to study at my pace. That is where BYJU’S is helping me learn better, especially subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, which need proper conceptual understanding. With interactive animation backed videos and personalized attention my teachers give me, I see myself doing better in my exams, and most importantly, I am able to attend all my practice sessions and take part in competitions without having the stress of being left behind in school.”

Vinay MR, Chief Content Officer, BYJU’S said “Through our innovative curriculum
delivery and unique teaching methods, we hope to empower our students to focus
on their passions by assisting them in balancing their academic and non-academic
goals. The personalization of the content enables children to follow their other

passions, which are imperative for building character and a growth mindset. The stories like those of Madhav’s inspire us to innovate more and more to make studying more engaging and pleasurable for our kids. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.”

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